FINTech Disruption Technologies in markets

FINTech. The revolution is coming.

The emergence of technologies such as Blockchain has caused a revolution in the technology sector. Everyone talks about this new technology that will change the way we do business and even our daily lives. But .. Do you know what Blochain technology is? Do you sound and know how to identify concepts such as BitCoin, DLT, work proof or nonce? I can help you get introduced to the world of disruptive technologies. Welcome to the future ...

I deeply believe that this technology has a huge potential impact on many industrial and business processes. The disruption is here, and we are already living it. I have been following the FINTech process for a long time and by extension one of the main technologies that supports it: Blockchain technology.

That is why I recently decided to move in this direction and I had studied a Blockchain Engineering Postgraduate , to know in depth the possibilities of this technology. I think that a training of this kind will be essential for all professions of technological cutting. If we are right and the degree of penetration of this technology in the processes is so important, it will be essential to have certain more or less profound knowledge of the functioning of what will come to be a revolution comparable to the appearance of the Internet

The processes linked to this disruption in the financial sector receive the generic name of FINTech , although with the progress of the process we are already seeing how different variables arise from different activities within the sector ( Insurtech for processes related to insurance, WealthTech for those destined to the world of Asset Management ...)

My goal is to master the technology in its entirety to be able to manage, create and maintain Blockchain installations . The more I advance in training, the more I am aware of the technological impact that this entails and the growing need for ICT professionals to become involved in this sense

So far, this technology has been able to teach us is that we can create fully reliable data repositories and give an immediate response to our requests for information. The great potential advantage in this aspect is that we avoid and suppress the intermediation processes that slow down the access to information with the due guarantees of authenticity and reliability . Certifying or being able to prove that an information is true is a slow process in some processes, given that one or more external actors have to intervene to attest to this fact, or by the mere process of contrasting information with another type of data, or data added to another level. This need disappears with Blockchain and is replaced by a existing validation process as a main part of this technology.

The immutability of the Blockchain networks offers a solid guarantee of the veracity of the information that resides in the Network

Another fundamental feature of these networks is the use of distributed technology . This is a very interesting concept that counteracts in front of the current centralized networks. The design of a network in nodes or points, all equal and of equal weight, guarantees a "democratization" of the decision-making mechanisms, although sometimes this is relative. The use of this concept facilitates a great scalability in the design which allows to design networks that can grow quickly and also have an important additional security component. The processes of replication and distribution of information make attacking the network practically impossible because you should attack all your nodes.

The decentralization of Blockchain networks offers greater guarantees from the point of view of security and greater scalability of the network

Within any scenario it will be as important to have a deep knowledge of technology as to be sufficiently skilled to identify the situations and use cases in which it is convenient to apply the Blockchain technology. Knowing how to correctly apply technology to business models is a clear success factor in these projects.

If you have any questions about topics of FINTech or you need collaboration in this aspect, do not hesitate to contact me