Finances & FINTech Experience in the financial and investment sector

Porfolio in software development linked by financial sector.

Always working from the technological side, my professional experience has always been involved in most of the financial sector. Initially linked to insurance companies, I started my business activity developing and maintaining applications managing several types of insurance contracts, making tasks of management of financial products and investment in these entities for over 7 years . At that time, one of my main activities was the design and development of calculation of pricing process in insurance products based on complex actuarial formulas. In the assessment and calculation of the premium payable is based on mortality tables, ie, analyzing the probability that the event covered by the insurance contract occurs and therefore the guarantee stipulated have to run.

Working for insurance sector, I learned managing insurance products in our portfolio and basis of insurance contracts.

Ending this stage and mainly due to acquired functional knowledge, I started to work for financial entities with similar products to developed before. Al finalizar esta etapa y debido principalmente a los conocimientos funcionales adquiridos, empezé a trabajar para entidades financieras en productos semejantes a los desarrollados. I joined to the team of maintenance applications in managing investment funds (UCITS management companies) on Clients Management, which allowed me to learn in depth reporting processes all of these activities to national regulators (CNMV), as well as for the taxation of these products, including reporting and fund between transfers with special tax rules.


My activity has evolved toward the BackOffice of these entities involved in management tasks, supervision and Maintenance of applications budgeting and accounting. This has allowed me to gain knowledge of the accounting planning of these products as investment company and monitoring of all processes net asset value calculation and incorporation of financial transactions to the portfolio.

My professional career in UCITS Management Companies has been split between the members and management area BackOffice and Accounting.

The world of trading and investment.

From the beginning I was attracted by the markets. All these years that my activity has been associated indirectly with them, helped decisively. My career began as the vast majority of cases, on the part of the investment. The discovery of the stock markets from the beginning makes canalize my savings into these assets. My beginnings are common and usual, with best and worst moments. Starting with good returns in bullish and clearly a significant drop periods.

For vital and personal reasons I stay away from investment activity for a long period. But the strong attraction causes return to this world, for this additional time to form long-term investment, we begin to discover the trading short.

Trading we can identify different words with certain negative connotations: speculation . Despite the bad reputation of the speculator, is a basic element in the market ecosystem. Absolutely necessary, their activity does not have to be related to extreme situations or generalized loss. Normally speculators appear once the situation has been reversed .. no ... at least when we talk about retail. Curious paradox that occurs when bear markets are associated with pernicious action of speculators and bull markets to investors and savers. I think rather that the correct parallel would say speculators appear in times of higher volatility , both upwards and downwards.

In this introduction to the world of market speculation, trading, I am immediately attracted few assets left by its extreme liquidity: currencies. The FOREX market is the most liquid in the world. Four years ago, in which I have been introduced in the market with mixed fortunes, though currently positive evolution.

Speculation is a devalued activity. All we speculate in our day to day and the role of speculators in the market is essential for proper operation.

Now I've told you what my career so far, but if we speak of this I will say that I have marked slightly different objectives and perhaps ambitious, but it is an activity that I see a lot of potential. I'm interested and want to participate in projects in the FinTech scope, in any application of new technologies to the financial sector, especially related to the discipline of trading. If the question is what I can contribute? apart from my background and experience, I have extensive knowledge of the markets based on my presence in them for years at different levels ranging from professional and institutional as a direct investor and retail .

Our priority right now passes by the FinTech scope providing an extensive technological expertise and deep industry knowledge and key financial markets

My path through the world of trading in different asset classes think it's also something to consider... but this is not the most important but the latter I think I can define in one sentence. Passion for the things and maximum motivation. This is a world that in addition to developing my career within it excites me and what I want to devote me also providing my financial sector know-how and my technological background.

A declaration of intent to materialize starting from different points converging towards the same goal:

  • Blogger and digital presence perspective: I think the brand positioning as FOREXperiences is having good growth and allows us to gain Digital Network visibility and spreading. The result of this collaboration are born in various media in the financial sector, both in the digital domain as written.
  • Development Trading and investing activities: On another level, our role as trader has been heightened in recent years. We learned a lot of the market and learn every day. This allows us to apply our teachings and continuous improvements to our daily work and anything related to the financial markets are manifold.
  • Algorithmic Trading: Our new frontier. An exciting new challenge presented to us where we combine our two main areas of activity, technological and financial. With the development of our own systems and collaborations started in 2016 with other industry members such as Sersan Sistemas a big player in the Spain algorithmic traders.

If you believe that we can be companions or have a project that could fit, do not hesitate to talk to me. I will be happy to hear your proposal