Enterpreneurship & Social Media Experience in starting and managing technology projects

Start of new projects.

Dedicate yourself to only what you can control. The past is gone and the future is yet to come. Focus on the present

Undoubtedly one of the most enriching experiences. Nothing can compare to create a project from scratch and try to make it grow. When you believe in something, do not force quit and keep chasing the dream. With the emergence of new technologies, the process of creation new projects and the development of an idea has become feasible. The myth of the project created from a teenager's room or a dark garage is more relevant than ever. No need any initial capital investment just need one thing: time ... Development time, learning time. Often irrelevant project success itself, because growth path brings you to your goal has performed many times more valuable than the end pursued. You develop a very important quality: Resilience .

Whats the meaning of Resilience? develop resistance to adversity. An entrepreneur is a sufferer by nature . You suffer so much that you learn a very important quality: relativize things. I think it's something that is missing in today's world and can be very useful. When should simultaneously carry different tasks and activities you can not afford to waste time on the inevitable or give the necessary importance to certain events, because this will takes resources.

Resources are always something lacking when undertaking therefore are your most precious commodity along with your time. It's something you can not afford to waste and therefore have to be agile mind and know to go ahead and move forward practically no time to lament. Really worth the experience and applies also in one of my activities, trading

Social Media.

This is another side that appears due to develop the projects in which I am involved. All Internet project has a social aspect, because the Internet is social in its essence. These projects development help me to open accounts on major social networks and I go into the world of managing these resources. The image management and actions in social networks can boost the abyss or post any project on the web. The need for proper performance becomes more important in a permanent medium so far that your whole story remains intact and fully available search engines, and therefore the rest of the digital world.

in my priorities list, the first position has a clear owner, and this can only mean Twitter. The microbbloging network that forces you to condense all your thoughts in 140 characters is a very useful tool, especially in the financial sector that requires great immediacy. Twitter is becoming a reference and I have concentrated my efforts on these accounts, both personal and corporate profiles. This management leaves behind an interesting experience and background that has helped me to apply in new collective projects in which I am participating.

A web project was weakened without proper and adequate management of Social Media