New Technologies & Design Internet has revolutionized our lives and the way we see technology

Technological knowledge.

My trajectory through various insurance companies and financial institutions has allowed me to gain experience in certain technologies and large corporations own technology products. For a year I developed large systems of financial giants as well as the last stage in media, quicker and more agile systems. This has given me a more transversal technological vision, and be able to apply my knowledge in other disciplines.

Large corporations own systems are part of my activity at the start of my career.

This large systems, mainframes are complex and highly structured. Its processes are controlled and very patterned. His ran reliability and consistency have made them ideal for large corporations hardware. Over the years, technologies have evolved these machines and made them better. In my early stages I worked with this type of machine which allowed me to develop analytical methods very structured and methodical. Something completely necessary in this type of activity.

The media systems, smaller and more agile, have been gaining market share in this kind of clients. In projects related by fund managers, I worked with this type of facility, gathering much experience with treating media databases systems.

Web Design.

From my own initiative arises my interest all the technological revolution that we are living. Internet has changed the world and this is a verifiable fact more strongly by people who developed an occupation directly related to the topic. The great potential that is easily perceivable in this revolution captures my attention and I decide to expand knowledge in this area.

We all know that the best way to learn is to use discipline and practice. So I decided to start my journey in these technologies in parallel to my professional activity. As always, beginnings are tough, and the resources available at the beginning are not the same as today. After a hard initial path, slowly but steadily went forward, until finally a project arises that motivates me and with which I can make a practical application of the knowledge acquired.

FOREXperiences is the culmination of my network activity, I become Content Manager & CMO of an activity that I love: the financial markets and the forex market. Even before he had managed a blog, I think this is a turning point even in the learning curve. The implementation of a project of this type tackles expand knowledge to always look for the room for improvement.


currently with the already consolidated project, seeking new ways to develop and use new technologies, this page being a living example. Powerful tools, improved browsers, new protocols that help facilitate and automate tasks and in my point of view are becoming development tasks more exciting to be able to really dedicate yourself to think and design are going to be things, not as they will function. This whole period is marked by a progression in multimedia web design issues and for obvious reasons. I am convinced that the immediate future of the network is far from the characters and leans to multimedia resources.

Solid and with a clear objective projects are the best guarantee not to lose the desire to learn.