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In the middle of technological change

My time in various insurance companies and financial entities has allowed me to gain experience in certain technologies and technological products of large corporations. During the year I have programmed great systems, typical and habitual of the financial giants, as well as in the last stage in medium systems, faster and more agile. This has allowed me to have a more transversal technological vision, and be able to apply my knowledge in other disciplines

Current technologies require a much more transversal knowledge that ranges from business layers to technological layers

The technological evolution, from the complex, structured and centralized mainframes to more distributed architectures, poses enormous challenges for business organizations. Processes in large computers are controlled and very patterned. Their great reliability and consistency made them the ideal hardware for large corporations, generating enormous costs.

The medium systems, smaller and more agile, have been gaining market share in this type of customers in a given period. The appearance of Front-End structures has accompanied the emergence of the Internet, which has meant a profound change in organizations and business models.

The consolidation of this change has brought about an acceleration in processes such as decentralization powered by the use of the Network. This implies deep changes of concept at the level of development and structure of the software . This whole process has entered a new phase with the entry into the scene of new technologies that will set the trend in the development of applications in the coming years.

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Disruptive technologies.

A characteristic of this technological revolution is the so-called disruption , that is, the ability to break abruptly with the previous state of things . And is that these new tools will mean a before and after. It is logical therefore to think that the cycle of the appearance of these technologies is hyperbolic, much more exaggerated than what we had seen previously.

The main question is to know which point of the curve we are in at each moment, because each context will require different procedures. After debugging a large rise and interest, the curve will return to its upward direction but this time more slowly, coinciding with a stabilization phase of the technology and with a more orderly growth.

One of the main problems with which it has already had to struggle is the lack of standards and the multiple options not compatible with each other to reach the same goal . After a natural purification where only the most optimal options remain, the market finishes joining criteria and working in the same direction, which contributes to having a sustained growth of the implementation of the technology, more solid and solvent than in previous stages.

This is the development phase in which the bulk of the market should be incorporated. It is the last opportunity before the gap between the adopters of this technology and those who prefer the traditional scheme becomes too big. In this transition phase, the ability to connect both worlds, the new and the old, is also important to guarantee a smooth process.

The strong disruption of these technologies will cause those who fall behind to not incorporate them are left behind very quickly

Although the adoption of this transformation will affect to a greater or lesser extent the final aspect of the applications, it is true that the core of the same will refer to processes often hidden for the user. The appearance for him of the applications will not vary in excess. With this decentralization and increase in the presence of technology, more tools that interact with the user correctly will also be needed. The client happens to be at the center of everything.

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