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Trading and the world of investment.

Are you one of those who are passionate about the world of financial markets, but do not know where to start? Surely you would like to learn but it makes you a huge mountain to start filtering information online to see which can be useful and which is not. I help you build your own criteria and vision of the markets from my experience as a trader.

Trading and investing in markets is a very complex and difficult activity but it attracts more and more people for various reasons. Although it is a very demanding activity in terms of knowledge and time, knowledge in financial markets is something very necessary not only to manage our own assets, but to understand what they offer us when we are going to hire services so that third parties do it for us.

Regardless of what our option is, it is always convenient to have that basic knowledge that allows us to understand the functioning of the economy and markets and develop our own investment criteria. Currently in the Information Age we have multiple resources to find this knowledge, but surely little time to filter and decide on what to invest our forces. I can help you in this task, contributing my experience as trader and investor

With a whole professional life dedicated to new technologies and focused on companies in the financial sector, I decided 7 years ago to enter an exciting world, the world of trading . With experience in investing in longer-term markets, trading was a real leap into the void. The operation in short-term markets is another world and with another type of demand, but at the same time it is something exciting.

I am one of those who believe that you have to do things with passion, so I jumped at it thinking about the benefits to obtain and in what with my knowledge it would be a quick process. Nothing is further from reality...

I just faced the market and I had to overcome obstacles and climb little by little. But from all this I got a great experience and many teachings. Teachings that I want and can share with you if you have decided to start if you join me in this way.

To do this, in 2012 I created a project on the Internet to disseminate information of real value and provide resources and tools to new traders , a project focused on the foreign exchange market FOREX but whose contents can be applied to all markets, FOREXperiences

FOREXperiencesborn with a purpose and an idea:

  • The commitment of Contain all my knowledge and experiences regarding the operation in markets, helping me to create a discipline as an operator,
  • Generate a positive and easy to follow experience in the visitor that above all contributes to evolving as a trader

The website is structured in two parts: a public part with free access and a private part, accessible only to registered users . Although in the latter a registration is necessary to access, the use is FULLY FREE.

Access FREE to premium content on our Trading Desktop platform

Trading Desktop allows us in an easy and simple way to give access to utilities and tools that we use in our daily routine as traders and customize your experience with them.

  • Develop another point of view about the market, use our own indicators . Programmed by ourselves, they give us another vision of the market and you can download them from our Software Area.
  • Work from our tool with our Market Charts that will give you another perspective and perception of what happens. They will help you design your own trading strategies.
  • Quickly and easily access a multitude of videos and exclusive audios from our multimedia channels
  • Design and create your own robust and robust trading portfolios , balancing and managing the risk correctly thanks to our risk calculator. Work with the assets you want by balancing risk thanks to the control of volatility
  • Follow in real time the evolution of our systems and our operations from our Market Monitor . Receive all information on your mobile through our Telegram channel or the private Facebook group

  • Each and every one of the tools we use for our operations AVAILABLE

    If you follow me in this proposal, you will be able to see through all the stages and phases that I have gone through and I am convinced that this will help you to speed up your learning process and not make the mistakes that I made. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me

    ... and if you do it through the chat button on the front page, we will give you a 1 hour FREE TRADING COACHING session