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As you have seen, my name is Albert Salvany rebled and I am technology consultant. I have been working for the financial sector in projects related always to technological consulting with high added value from the functional issue over 17 years.

For the work performed in my working life as those made at the individual level, I have a deep knowledge of the financial sector covering different areas related to capital markets mainly. Thus was born one of my great passions: trading , which I now dedicate at part time.

In addition, I'm Web design fan and I always try to keep abreast of developments in the sector arise, performing various activities. Normally I have a direct intervention from the technological side almost all projects in which I participate and drive whenever I can.

Without ruling out other options, now my goals are to increase my skills in the trading and investment world. To do and to help others to achieve more than two years ago I created FOREXperiences , a site dedicated the FOREX and other financial markets in general.

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Presence and distribution.

You can see here the collection of our appearances and public events.

We have given several lectures on the world of trading and investing. They always try to give my own take on the market and engage in trading experience from my own perspective. I think it's very important to provide the report as you evolve as a trader value and can be very helpful for traders who are new. Sometimes you get the wrong idea that they can only show things related to trading only consistent traders. I think not, and you always have to evaluate all the experiences that can be drawn from all of them positive. The formation of a trader is a very slow process and therefore there are many steps to overcome to achieve a successful evolution. The important thing to clear these stages.


  • 15/12/2017

    Sersan Sistemas


    HOW TO READ INTEREST RATE HIKES. Yesterday the FOMC met and the FOMC agreed to raise interest rates by a quarter of a point, leaving the marginal rate at 1.50%. The rate increases is one of the news that surely has more impact on the markets, especially in the FOREX market. The rest of the markets may end up noticing the effects in a longer term, but a rise in rates influences all the layers of an economy.

  • 20/10/2017

    Sersan Sistemas


    HOW TO CHOOSE A GOOD BROKER. The first that we must make as new traders is to choose our broker. Many times the new trader does not have the necessary background or knowledge to identify the best option. This is a propitious situation for some brokers that take advantage of this ignorance to attract new clients.

  • 08/09/2017

    Sersan Sistemas


    Looking for EURUSD parity. Market Analysis of the EURUSD. We have thought it interesting to note that we have repeatedly heard predictions that the EURUSD will move towards parity, forecasts that have not been succeed, and in this article we try to analyze one of the reasons.

  • 23/06/2017

    Sersan Sistemas


    HOW TO START TO CREATE TRADING SYSTEMS. THE ZERO ZONE . We have decided to enter the world of algorithmic trading. We may have come to this point from two different origins which may mark our beginning as systems traders. Or we introduced to trading for the first time ... and start to program systems or we from form discrectional trading.

  • 17/05/2017

    Sersan Sistemas


    THE HIDDEN VALUE OF ALGORITHMIC TRADING/strong>. We participate in the weekly article section talking about certain qualities of algorithmic trading that are not so obvious to the trader when starts in the discipline.

  • January 2017 Edition



    EFFICIENT TRADING PORTFOLIOS. We talk about efficient trading portfolios design technics using market volatility. An interesting method to calculate leverage in our trades.

  • 11.25.2016

    Primera Hora - EL mundo del FOREX

    Gestiona Radio

    Trading. Interview with us at Gestiona Radio to explain our project FOREXperiences. We explored short and medium term objectives in a few minutes and explained our philosophy

  • 10.19.2016

    Tertulia Digital


    FINTech. Participating in the discussion of this radio program dedicated to new technologies, this time as a consultant FINTech. We bring our experience in developing fintech projects and our knowledge in the digital transformation processes in the financial sector.

  • 05.13.2016

    Capital Radio


    INTERVIEW ON THE XTB TRADING DAY. Inside the event organized by the XTB broker in Madrid, and who had the honor to be invited, Capital Radio asked us to share our views about trading live.

  • December Edition num 529

    Cat Econòmica


    INTRODUCTION TO TRADING. For newbies, article ideal for entering the world of trading in a generic journal of economic and local level.

  • December 2015 Edition



    WELCOME TO TRADING ALGORITHMIC WORLD. Article about the world of algorithmic trading that tries to lay a foundation for automatic programming system.

  • July 2015 Edition



    PSICOTRADING, THE UGLY DUCKLING. We participate in this issue with an article on one of the most neglected and forgotten in trading: psychology as self-discipline. However it is vital to enjoy success.

  • 04.08.2015



    INTERVIEW. Rankia, one of the most prestigious financial sites made us an interview which focused on the development of automated trading systems

  • 03.06.2015



    NEW COLLABORATION . The result of our agreement with MundoTrading, some of our published articles on the blog will also be broadcast on such an important site as Finanzas.com in the section trading zone

  • 02.28.2015



    NEW COLLABORATION. We have established a new collaboration, this time with MundoTrading . We will be present at this website which was named best financial website of 2014 writing articles on technical analysis and automated systems.

  • 01.08.2015

    FX MeetUp

    FXStreet Headquarters. Barcelona

    HOW TO AUDIT YOUR ACCOUNT TRADING. We give this talk again, this time in the context of meetings organized by FXStreet . We take this time to expand the contents from the original talk, extending the concepts that generated more questions.

  • 09.25.2014

    BCN Trading Point

    Campus Ciutadella, UPF. Barcelona

    We are part of the organization of BCNTradingPoint one of the biggest events of trading in Europe that gathered in Barcelona for three days to more than 40 experts giving traders conferences and training to over 600 people in attendance. The organization had the support of many sponsors of the finance sector.

  • October 2014 Edition



    NAVIGATING BETWEEN NEWS. Article. We publish new article on Hispatrading on managing the news in our operational currency.

  • July 2014 Edition



    >STRONG>CORRELATION IN CURRENCY MARKETS. Article. In this special issue of the journal Hispatrading also talked about the importance of checking and monitoring the correlations between different assets

  • July 2014 Edition



    10 TOP INFLUENT BLOGGERS. Interview. In this special issue of the journal Hispatrading we made an interview to know more commo traders

  • 06.14.2014

    FOREX Day

    COAM. Madrid

    ´HOW TO AUDIT YOUR TRADING ACCOUNT´. Conference. How can improve our results? What criteria can continue to assess our operating method?

  • 06.13.2014

    II Trading Xperts

    XTB Headquarters. Madrid

    Second meeting for traders in which we are selected and can attend a master-class of Pablo Gil. An interesting and enjoyable meeting between traders and bloggers where we could share interesting views on the markets.

  • 11.23.2013

    I Networking Trading BCN


    INTRODUCTION TO FOREX MARKET. Conference. First informal traders meeting organized by precioyvolumen

  • 10.25.2013

    I Trading Xperts

    XTB Headquarters. Madrid

    Traders meeting organized by XTB to join the most important and influential bloggers. Master Class by Miguel Angel Rodriguez

  • 3.07.2013


    Feria de Muestras de Valencia

    ´MY LIFE AS FOREX TRADER´. Conference.

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